Opening RemarksPresentation by Eugen Dijmărescu, IADI- ERC Chairperson


Critical Importance of Sound Interrelationships with Other Safety Net Players and the Need for DI’s Mandate

Presentation by J.P. Sabourin, CEO of Perbadanan Insurance Deposit Malaysia


Crisis Simulation Exercises

Presentation by Katia D'Hulster, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, The World Bank


Resources Planning in a Stable Concentrated Banking System

Presentation by Mich¸le Bourque, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation


DGS Resources Planning for Contingencies

Presentation by Alexander Chumaev, Deputy Director of Deposit Insurance Department, DIA, Russian Federation


Banks - the first line of defense

Presentation by Florin Dănescu, Executive President, Romanian Banking Association


Developing, Preparing and Testing Plans

Presentation by David Lamb, Head of Business Resilience, Financial Services Compensation Scheme


Call Center - An outsourced solution for communication during a crisis

Presentation by Isabelle R‘sch, Deposit Protection of Banks and Securities Dealers, Switzerland


Practical experience in implementing bank resolution measures: lessons and challenge

Presentation by Anastasia Matveeva, Deputy Director of Bank Restructuring Department, DIA, Rusia


Case Study: Resolution Experience of Turkey

Presentation by Ayla Kucukoglu Keles, Head of Strategy Development Department, Savings Deposit Fund of Turkey


Bank stabilization - Industry View

Presentation by Magdalena Manea, Deputy Director of Bank Resolution and Stabilisation Division, FGDB Romania



Deposit guarantee schemes: their role in resolution

Presentation by Thomas F. Huertas, Partner, Financial Services Risk Advisory Ernst & Young


Contingency Planning

Presentation by David Cooley, Associate Director, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation USA, within Contingency Planning Workshop, Bucharest, 26 September 2013