FGDB financing sources are the following:

a) the annual contributions and extraordinary contributions of member credit institutions;

b) earnings from debt recovery;

c) revenues from investments of available financial resources;

d) loans taken by deposit guarantee schemes;

e) payment commitments;

f) other resources.

FGDB is not financed from public fundings.

Total invested resources at 31.12.2020 :

- deposit guarantee fund: 6.556.972.439 lei

- resolution fund: 1.696.538.880 lei.

The available financial resources of a deposit guarantee scheme should be above 0.8% of the covered deposits with the member banks.

In exceptional circumstances, when the available financial resources of the Fund, as a deposit guarantee scheme, are insufficient to cover compensation payouts or to finance, according to the obligations of a deposit guarantee scheme or the resolution measures applied to participating credit institutions the Government, through the Ministry of Public Finance, will offer the Fund the necessary amount, as a loan, within maximum five working days upon receiving the Fund’s request.

Resources placement

FGDB's placements are done according to an annual investment strategy established by the Fund's Administration Council and approved by the BNR's Administration Council. The main targets are the minimisation of risk and the liquidity of investments, as well as yields on investment as an additional goal. All operations are done based on a procedure and audited within the organization as well as by external auditors.

All FGDB financial resources are invested in financial instruments established by law. FGDB yearly balance sheet is audited by an external auditor, which is one of the four largest audit firms in the world, that are present in Romania.