How much in insured?


The compensation could not be higher than 100.000 euro per person per bank, paid in lei calculated according to the the BNR exchange rate from the day of the deposits become unavailable. The compensations will be paid in RON, no matter the deposit currency. Depositors will not pay any cost for getting the compensation money - cash or transfer.

Deposits above 100.000 euros are covered in the following situations, for 12 months after opening the deposit:

a) deposits resulting from residential real estate transactions;

b) deposits resulting from events in a depositor’s life such as retirement, dismissal, invalidity or death;

c) deposits resulting from receipt of insurance benefits or compensation for criminal injuries or wrongful convictions.

The National Bank of Romania will establish the coverage level laid down for the cases mentioned above and shall periodically review it based on relevant statistical indicators and shall published it on its official website.